Department Of Eagles - Archive 2003 - 2006


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Archives 2003-2006, a collection of unreleased material taken from various sessions Rossen and Nicolaus recorded in between their 2003 debut, The Cold Nose, and In Ear Park, might provide an easier entry point. The overall feel is looser, more freewheeling; although a good deal of these recordings were taken from an aborted attempt at recording a follow-up to The Cold Nose, nothing smacks of creative frustration. Rather, you get the feeling that these two guys have a lot of fun playing together, like two session musicians improvising in between takes. "While We're Young" and "Brightest Minds" are breezy and fleet-footed, the former building to a driving climax and the latter bursting into toe-tapping countermelodies without batting an eyelash.



  1. Practice Room Sketch
  2. Deadly Discosure
  3. While We're Young
  4. Grand Army Plaza
  5. Practice Room Sketch
  6. Brightest Minds
  7. Practice Room Sketch
  8. Flip
  9. Practice Room Sketch (Tired Hands)
  10. Golden Apple
  11. Practice Room Sketch

Artist Department Of Eagles
Title Archive 2003 - 2006
Label Bella Union
Format CD
Cat Number bellacd248