Yuk - Paraiso EP


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Released 29th November 2019

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Co-founder and head chef of the buzzing fine- dining restaurant LASA, LA’s Chad Valencia aka yuk. returns to Leaving Records leading the ambient lo-fi revolution within LA’s beatscene - heralded historically within the production culture of Leaving’s community. Speaking sonically and conceptually to the nuanced heritage of yuk.’s traditional Filipino upbringing, ‘Paraiso EP’ marks the first of two instalments in contemporary works of sound art forthcoming from the experimental beatmaker. Lead track ‘ago’ launches with swirling samples of rushing water, lightly dusted with guitar loops and crackling samples to culminate in a melodic musing of leftfield beat music.


  1. Ago
  2. Harpsilog
  3. Kulam
  4. Paraiso Theme
  5. Oasis Of Light
  6. Ika
  7. Body Language
  8. Remember
  9. Palawan
  10. Tortay & Friends
  11. Dust

Artist Yuk
Title Paraiso EP
Label Leaving Records.
Format LP
Release Date 29th November 2019
Cat Number LR162

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