Westerman - Edison


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Released on 17th August 2018

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For Westerman, second 7” single ‘Edison’ is an incisive trip into the inner frailties of a narcissist and the consensus is unanimous: his slick leftfield pop leanings and psychological songwriting have made him one of the most hotly tipped artists this year.

New song ‘Easy Money’, the flip side to ‘Edison’, sees Westerman confronting some of his own fixations. He says: “I started out writing a love song, then it sort of morphed into more of a conversation. It’s a conversation I had many times over with someone I care about a lot. The subject matter is something I was thinking about too often. I wanted to retain a sense of romance in the music as counterpoint to where lyrics ended up, and I tried to make it so the voice seems float within the music. The characters existing in a state of transience.”


Easy Money

Artist Westerman
Title Edison
Label Blue Flowers Music
Format 7"
Release Date 17th August 2018
Cat Number BFM008