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Released 1st November 2019

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Vagabon was written and produced entirely by Tamko. Guitar-driven melodies are largely absent, and in their place we are treated to a collection of songs buoyed by hybridized analogue and digital arrangements. While Infinite Worlds situated the last Vagabon project in the realm of "indie rock”, Vagabon is not easily defined. Grounded by Tamko's expressive voice and knack for unique melodies, the album flits between genres, never lingering too long on one particular sensibility. Lead single Flood Hands exemplifies this growth; the production ebbs like a gentle tide before a cavernous drumbeat kicks in and the tone shifts completely.

Tamko's Nonesuch Records debut Vagabon, finds her in a state of creative expansion, leaning fully into some of the experimental instincts she flirted with on the previous album. This time around, she's throwing genre to the wind. Vagabon is a vibrant culmination of influences, emotional landscapes, and moods; a colourful and masterful statement by an artist and producer stepping into her own.

Artist Vagabon
Title Vagabon
Label Nonesuch
Format LP (Coloured)
Release Date 1st November 2019
Cat Number 0075597923988

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