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After his show-stopping cover of ‘every 1’s a winner’ Segall turns his distinct sound onto a plethora of all-time classics from the likes of war, funkadelic and gong.

Equal parts reverence and reimagination, this album shows him inhabiting the world of a song’s intent, filtering it through the muse that drove 2018’s exceptional ‘Freedom’s Goblin’. Cluttered, passionate and inspired, the songs are barely recognisable, irresistible and by album’s end, present a cohesive collection that stands proudly alongside the best of Segall’s considerable output. the album includes songs by War, The Spencer Davis Group, John Lennon, Funkadelic, The Dils, Neil Young, Gong, Amon Düül, Rudimentary Peni, The Grateful Dead, and Sparks.


  1. Low Rider
  2. I’m A Man
  3. Isolation
  4. Hit It And Quit It
  5. Class War
  6. The Loner
  7. Pretty Miss Titty
  8. Archangel Thunderbird
  9. Rotten To The Core
  10. St. Stephen
  11. Slowboat

Artist Ty Segall
Title Fudge Sandwich
Label In The Red Records
Format LP + Download
Release Date 26th October 2018
Cat Number ITR326