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The Hyper Reel are a post-punk, neo- psychedelic, sophisti-pop band from Glasgow, whose rambunctious riffs, deadpan vocals and unhinged beats spew from the magma chambers of anarchy and revolt. With Stephen Davis (vocals), Stewart McNaughton (bass, guitar, keys & melodica), Brian McFie (guitars), Gregor Dick (drums & percussion), Gordon Keen (guitars on #8 & #10), Ali Hendry (trumpets), Lou Reid (backing vocals on #8) and Jean Honeymoon (backing vocals on #10), The Hyper Reel are a force of nature, a tribal clan, whose cacophony of clangs, chimes and  jangles resound in recesses of Orange Juice, Josef K, Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen, and Throbbing Gristle etc.

With a proclivity for 60s nostalgia, cult classics, sci fi, noir, horror and retro kitsch, The Hyper Reel are cultural proponents, intermixing  the seminal with the surreal, bringing their groovy cool into the 5th dimension of suspense, thrills and beatnik blues. Across between Ian McCulloch and Ian Curtis, it’s through the hypnotic croons of Davis that The Hyper Reel command and captivate an audience. Along with the customised trumpets of Henry, The Hyper Reel effortlessly alternate between transmuting trances, whilst drawing you into their exotic escapades. Again with the dexterous drumming and diversity of Gregor, The Hyper Reel are a band that fuses an eclectic mix of genres, with a wondrous enthusiasm that expands their musical horizon. As a collective form of consciousness, The Hyper Reel are a cohesive unit, a spontaneous burst of energy, that simultaneously broods with suspense and soars in euphoria, whilst shifting the senses into a HD stereo in an all consuming state.

Artist The Hyper Reel
Title Hyper Real
Label Hyper Reel
Format LP
Cat Number HR001

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