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When Michael Leonhart and I declared our desire to create a production label that would embrace the worlds of music, stage and

screen, little did we know that The Forgotten Fairground were poised to help realise that heady ambition in one fell swoop.

This hugely talented band of brothers and sisters are simply a delight, and their eponymous debut album and short film an uncommonly

lovely weave of music, dance and cinema. At once declamatory, reflective, ecstatic, lachrymose, muscular and fragile, itʼs a beguiling

combination of the elements, shot through with a disarming honesty, seemingly effortless stylistic flare, plus an energy and groove that

just wonʼt quit. Matt Goughʻs selfless compositions are impeccably orchestrated and meticulously directed, yet succeed in creating a

context and all necessary space for improvisers to stretch out and do what they do best. Itʼs a true alloy of jazz and chamber music


Itʼs been my pleasure and fascination to help shape and frame this beautiful, democratic piece and do justice to its uplifting narrative.

A paean to all our fondest childhood memories - that faraway realm of limitless, immersive make-believe - itʼs a heartfelt call to remain

faithful and true to our youthful, freethinking selves. Honouring this emotional warmth and intimacy by recording ʼliveʼ and in the

ʻanalogʼ domain was key, as was seeking out those best qualified to assist in shepherding that bespoke process.

The Forgotten Fairground are a rare and precious thing, their gorgeous aesthetic and inspirational creative arc certain to capture the

imagination of all who open their ears, eyes and hearts. To my mind, a special alchemy is afoot and the stage set for something uniquely

expressive and, yes...magical!

Artist The Forgotten Playground
Title The Forgotten Playground
Label The Forgotten Playground
Format LP

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