The Dutchess And The Duke - Live At Third Man Records [VINYL]


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The Dutchess and the Duke have made two previous albums of wonderfully sincere, heartfelt and true songs. Their self-described “campfire punk” is equal parts beautiful boy/girl harmonies, subdued finger-picked acoustic guitar pairings and minimal percussive accoutrements. In short…it’s sublimely compelling. After a hiatus of a few years, they’re slowly creeping back into live performances and Third Man could was thrilled to host one of the first, recording the set direct-to-acetate in the relaxed, intimate setting of the Blue Room.


Side A:
1. Scorpio
2. Back To Me
3. Let It Die
4. Ship Made Of Stone
5. Strangers
6. I Am Just A Ghost

Side B:
7. Out Of Time
8. Living This Life
9. Reservoir Park
10. Mary
11. Hands
12. Armageddon Song

Artist The Dutchess And The Duke
Title Live At Third Man Records
Label Third Man Records
Format LP
Release Date 29th June 2015
Cat Number TMR298

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