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Indies exclusive bronze and marble coloured vinyl.

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Athena is the debut album from violinist, singer, songwriter and producer Sudan Archives.

Sudan Archives is widely acclaimed for her thrilling combination of styles: powerful and anthemic R&B, electronic music, a violin style inspired by Northeast African fiddling, and West African rhythms.

For Athena, she collaborated with a wide cast of songwriters, producers and musicians for a sound that is her fullest and richest to date, while staying true to the unique blend of influences that has won her fans around the world.
Art features bronze sculpture of Sudan Archives.


1. Did You Know
2. Confessions
3. Black Vivaldi Sonata
4. Down On Me
5. Ballet Of The Unhatched Twins I
6. Green Eyes


7. Iceland Moss
8. Coming Up
9. House Of Open Tuning II
10. Glorious
11. Stuck
12. Limitless
13. Honey
14. Pelicans In The Summer

Artist Sudan Archives
Title Athena
Label Stones Throw
Format LP (Coloured)
Release Date 1st November 2019
Cat Number STH2412-6

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