Sleaford Mods EP - Sleaford Mods EP


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Armed with a mechanical rhythm section, Williamson cuts loose on 5 more socio-politically charged, sardonic invectives that suggest that this is a band that’s only getting better. This is the band’s first new music since 2017’s top 15 album “English Tapas”. recorded in Spring 2018 in Nottingham, this ep features five new tracks, including lead track “Stick in a Five & Go”. Jason Williamson says about the new songs “the lead tracks are mostly full of violent tendencies that only transpire through imagination. People are powerless under the political monster and the intense anger and frustration morphs into illusions of attacking each other through the bravado of social media, depression and paranoia.” “Sleaford Mods still have plenty of important things to say, regardless of how they might sugarcoat the message.” 4/5 – the skinny.

Artist Sleaford Mods EP
Title Sleaford Mods EP
Label Rough Trade Records
Format 12" & Download
Release Date 14th September 2018
Cat Number rt0024st