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Expected around 14th September 2020.
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SAULT make a stunning return with the powerful, timely and necessary art piece called...UNTITLED (Black Is). The soundtrack to a revolution, SAULT burst out the gate with blistering intent. An album that is triumphant as much as it is painful, evoking stark emotions highlighting systemic racism, injustice and police brutality.

Once again, as is their trademark SAULT sweep everything up into a masterful cacophony of crashing drums, soul and funk inspirations, gospel, afro influences and golden era hip hop that signals a profound and urgent need for real and overdue change. This is protest music, a call to arms, essential and profound. The bar has been raised, call it what you want but they’ve left it….UNTITLED


1. Out The Lies 02:01
2. Stop Dem 03:38
3. Hard Life 04:33
4. Don't Shoot Guns Down 01:52
5. Wildfires 03:26
6. X 01:24
7. Sorry Ain't Enough 04:59
8. Black Is 01:52
9. Bow Feat Michael Kiwanuka 04:05
10. This Generation Feat Laurette Josiah 00:46
11. Why We Cry Why We Die 02:44
12. Black 03:53
13. US 01:05
14. Eternal Life 03:59
15. Only Synth In Church 00:56
16. Monsters 03:27
17. June Child 00:58
18. Miracles 04:17
19. Hold Me 02:45
20. Pray Up Stay Up 03:45 

Artist SAULT
Title UNTITLED (Black Is)
Label Forever Living Originals
Format Double LP
Release Date 14th September 2020
Cat Number FL00005LP