Romperayo – Que Jue?


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Released 25th January 2019
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For the second release on Discrepant's sublabel SOUK they chose someone who is already part of their family – the Colombian tropical master Romperayo aka Pedro Ojeda. Back in 2015 they released their self titled debut and now it’s time for the follow up, “Que Jue?”, ten up-tempo bangers filled with the unique sounds of psychedelic 1970s Cumbia.

Whilst the first Romperayo LP united several musicians around Pedro Ojeda’s frantic drum style, Que Jue? sees him take the reigns solo armed with instruments, samplers and his trusted drum skills!

“Que Jue?” is a fever rhythm joy, an intense voyage to the diverse landscape of Colombian folklore and psychedelic scene. It’s also a combination of old and new, an exploration of sample techniques that throwback to classic cumbia but with an electronic minimal vibe that seeks the intense repetition of some dance music produced recently.

All for the sake of pleasure, Romperayo’s music is magnetic, impulsive and addictive. The repetitive patterns are mixed astutely and sweaty percussion changes the rhythm whenever it’s needed: you don’t know that, but they do, and they deliver it frequently with awe. Tropical fusion, new cumbia or salsa on acids? You decide.


Que jue
Maquino Landero
Ay Que Pulguita
Estudio corto para sintetizador en cumbia genérica
Machuca, Millo y Caja
La Caseta Del Negrito
La Gallina De Erasmo
El Tombo Volador
Alegria de no tener Pension

Artist Romperayo
Title Que Jue?
Label Discrepant / Souk
Format LP
Release Date 25/01/19
Cat Number SOUK02