ARI TSUGI <span class="subtitle">Simultaneity (同時性)</span>
ARI TSUGI Simultaneity (同時性)

The next release from Rebecca's Records, the label that brought us With Love, From Glasgow and Azamiah's In Phases, is ARI TSUGI - Simultaneity (同時性), and you can grab an exclusive edition from us.

Led by Mashu Harada - nuclear physicist by day, psyche jazz king by night - Ari Tsugi emit nothing but beautiful and positive vibes which are definitely present and instantly infectious on Simultaneity. Featuring a host of UK jazz scene greats including Liam Shorthall, Mateusz Sobieski and India Blue.

The word Simultaneity is a technical term from the theory of Special Relativity representing two distinct events happening at the same time. This fluidity is embodied in the musical exploration of Ari Tsugi. Comprised of mostly self-taught musicians, the soundscape is a unique melting pot of UK Jazz scenes and the raw energy that comes from psychedelic rock.

Jon Hopkins<span class="subtitle">RITUAL</span>
Jon HopkinsRITUAL

By turns devotional, empowering and nurturing, Jon Hopkins’ forthcoming RITUAL is a 41-minute electronic symphony built from cavernous subs, hypnotic drumming and transcendent melodic interplay. Tense, immersive and ultimately triumphant, it is a culmination of themes explored throughout his 22-year career, and acts as the kinetic counterpart to 2021’s Music For Psychedelic Therapy.

A single piece unfolding over eight chapters, RITUAL is personified by depth and contrast. Taking ceremony, spiritual liberation and the hero's journey as inspiration, it taps into an ancient and primal energy.

Rich Ruth<span class="subtitle">WATER STILL FLOWS</span>

Rich Ruth, the recording project of Nashville multi-instrumentalist Michael Ruth (and winner of SGR's coveted Album of the Year 2022), makes wholly immersive instrumental songs that thread the line between gleefully adventurous and calmingly meditative. His music starts in solitude with mesmerizing loops and drones anchoring the arrangements that are eventually colored in by an eclectic cast of collaborators. The resulting exploratory compositions, which combine spiritual jazz, synth-infused post-rock, and cosmic ambient, often beguile but they always soar with a palpable immediacy.

His new album Water Still Flows is both his heaviest and his most cathartic. Across seven songs, the LP is both a document of an artist stretching the limits of his process and a testament to how songwriting can be a personally grounding force.

Adrianne Lenker <span class="subtitle">Bright Future</span>
Adrianne Lenker Bright Future

Adrianne Lenker announces her new solo album. Bright Future, out on 22 March on 4AD, marks Lenker’s first album since 2020’s songs & instrumentals, and features co-production from Philip Weinrobe, alongside contributions from Nick Hakim, Mat Davidson, and Josefin Runsteen.

Admirers of Adrianne’s solo music and Big Thief will find on Bright Future her reliable talent captured in stunning, magnetic clarity. In the company of parlour instruments, Adrianne’s modern melodic and lyrical inventions create new traditions. Her vocal flights at times outwit gravity, then land, guiding along an earthly path. The wholeness of the un-spliced recordings preserves a time of musical friendship during a golden season. The album also features the original recording of the now-beloved Big Thief song ‘Vampire Empire.’ Although they recorded for only some days, in Adrianne’s recollection, “It felt like we were together forever.”