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Released 30th March 2018
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It's happened time and time again, when the prevailing culture grows stale, colourless, dull and apathetic; the conventional is washed away by new artistic uprisings. For the last few years, three young musicians have taken to the UK roads, playing hundreds of venues (repeatedly) with a diverse range of artists from various musical genres. All the while, recording, writing and developing a rich sense of identity with a focus on finding an unconventional take on great melody, pop hooks, technical precision and crushing breakdowns.

'Press to MECO' are guitarist/vocalist Luke Caley, bassist/vocalist Adam Roffey and drummer/vocalist Lewis Williams, a trio on a relentless pursuit to harness their sound into a punchy, driving and visceral powerhouse.

Luke, Adam and Lewis have found creative inspiration in bands like ‘SikTh’, ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan’, ‘Rueben’, ‘Everything Everything’, ‘Manchester Orchestra’ and ‘Deftones’; to pop artists ‘ABBA’ and ‘Michael Jackson’.

'Press to MECO' are the perfect synthesis of technical proficiency and attention grabbing bursts of energy. They are a progressive hardcore rock metal pop [insert genre here] band hailing from Crawley/Croydon; performing off-kilter, unreasonably catchy songs, full of twists and turns. Alternating vocals blending into 3-part harmonies, coming together with sometimes beautiful, sometimes forceful, always overwhelmingly powerful instrumental breakdowns. The ideal mix of technicality and catchiness delivered with pop sensibilities that are just plain fun.

Here's to the Fatigue is no surprise. The bar is high for this band and they’ve met it here. This is the sound of a unique, talented, inspired young band really honing what they are and distilling their very essence to several key ingredients: a mastery of their instruments, an advanced understanding of both technicality and melody and where to balance the two, a sincere and concise carefree message and attitude to life and a fresh, captivating grasp on what pop-meets-alt-rock should be.


1 Intro
2 Familiar Ground
3 Here's To The Fatigue
4 If All Your Parts Don't Make A Whole
5 Skip The Crawl
6 A Place In It All
7 Howl
8 A Quick Fix
9 Itchy Fingers
10 The Things That We Don't Talk About
11 White Knuckling

Artist Press To MECO
Title Here's To The Fatigue
Label Marshall Records
Format LP
Release Date 30th March 2018
Cat Number 019029695798

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