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Released 9th November 2018
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Celebrated dance producer Planningtorock - aka Jam Rostron - announces the release of their radical fourth album ‘Powerhouse’ via DFA Records

‘Powerhouse’ was written and recorded across Berlin, London, New York and Los Angeles. It comes couched in the precision-tooled synths that have become Rostron’s signature, though critics and fans will hear a subtle, ear worm-y shift in style here: from the Noughties US R&B swagger of ‘Transome’ and the bubbling old school 90s house of ‘Beulah Loves Dancing’ and ‘Non Binary Femme’, to the funky, flute-laced ‘Much To Touch’ (the only track on ‘Powerhouse’ to feature a co-producer, long-time friend and collaborator Olof Dreijer of The Knife).

Ultimately, ‘Powerhouse’ is a celebration of liberation, a groove-filled record that sees Rostron consolidating power both personal and artistic.


  1. wounds
  2. transome
  3. dear brother
  4. somethings more painful than others
  5. much to touch
  6. jam of finland
  7. non binary femme
  8. piece of my mind
  9. beulah loves dancing
  10. power house

Artist Planningtorock
Title Powerhouse
Label DFA Records
Format LP + Download
Release Date 9th November 2018
Cat Number DFA2617LP

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