Peter Broderick - Two Balloons EP


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Released 9th November 2018

Featuring the score for the award-winning animation of the same name, this gorgeous short-film soundtrack comes with a 9-minute electronic rework on the B-side – Broderick’s first delve into the world of techno.

The first sound heard on the score is a piano playing a waltz figure, and the sound is noticeably lo-fi, but this isn’t just some modern digital trickery. This piano was recorded on a wire recorder, a recording technology that predates magnetic tape and has been virtually forgotten about. In the process of recording the score, many different technologies were experimented with. A variety of technologies from different eras were used to create a score that both sounds like it’s from several different time periods and from no specific time at all. none of the original parts were re-used for the b-side.

Artist Peter Broderick
Title Two Balloons
Label Erased Tapes
Format 10" EP
Release Date 9th Nov 2018
Cat Number ERATP115EP