Pete Seeger - We Shall Overcome


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Released 8th March 2019

French independent label Le Chant du Monde celebrate the memory of some of the most popular artists in history.

Before Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger was the first real hero of the American folk scene. He devoted his time and effort to collect and record old original folk and country songs.

Offering a new generation the opportunity to rediscover an unsuspected musical heritage, he sang soberly with infinite simplicity.

Old blues [Old dog blues] (Jim Jackson) 1955
Blue skies (Irving Berlin) 1954
Peg and Awl (Traditional) 1956
Blue Mountain lake (Traditional) 1954
Casey Jones (Mississippi John Hurt) 1956
I had a rooster (Barnyard song) (Traditional) 1958
Roll down the line (Traditional) 1956
Beans, bacon and gravy (Peter Yarrow) 1956
Old Joe Clark (Traditional) 1954
Come all you hardy miners (Traditional) 1956
East Virginia blues (Traditional) 1950
Frog went a-courting (The Frog) (Peggy Seeger, Michael Seeger) 1955
Ground hog (Traditional) 1954
Old paint (I ride an old paint) (Woody Guthrie) 1955
Hard times in the mill (Traditional) 1956
The Eerie canal (Traditional) 1954
Sioux Indians (Traditional) 1954
Deep blue sea (Traditional) 1954
Putting on the style (Traditional) 1954
Penny's farm (Traditional) 1950
This old man (Traditional) 1953
Mexican blues (Peter Seeger) 1954
Go and dig my grave (Traditional) 1954
Time's a-getting hard (Traditional) 1954
Delia's gone (Traditional) 1954
The Buffalo skinners (Woody Guthrie) 1956
Sally my dear (Traditional) 1956
We shall overcome (Traditional) 1962

Artist Pete Seeger
Title We Shall Overcome
Label Le Chant du Monde
Format Double LP
Release Date 8th March 2019
Cat Number CM74297273