Outkast - Speakerbox / The Love Below (2017 Reissue)


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180 gram vinyl. includes download code.

In the latest bizarre twist in the tale of one of the most musically advanced hip hop teams out there, Andre 3000 has decided that he needs to spread his wings, so the new OutKast album is actually two completely separate albums packaged together! "Speakerboxxx" is handled by Big Boi and is straight-up hip hop (or at least as straight as you're ever gonna get from OutKast!) while "The Love Below" is full of absolutely nuts future-soul experiments from Andre. Both albums are absolutely brilliant of course and you'd be mad not to check them both out!

2017 Reissue

Artist Outkast
Title Speakerbox / The Love Below (2017 Reissue)
Label We Are Vinyl
Format 4LP
Release Date 7th April 2017
Cat Number 88985392121

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