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In the late 1950s, Ornette Coleman set the jazz world on fire. From his own unique playing style to his fundamental deconstruction of harmony and complete rethinking of group performance, Coleman at once confounded critics and inspired a new generation. This revolutionary music eventually became known as free jazz, but Coleman’s influence extended well beyond - into avant-garde rock and art circles - and today his name is synonymous with artistic freedom.

Originally released in Japan only, 'To Whom Who Keeps A Record' collects outtakes from Coleman’s legendary Atlantic period, sessions from 'Change Of The Century' and 'This Is Our Music' that are as emotionally transfixing as intellectually rigorous. Featuring members of the classic quartets (Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins and Ed Blackwell), this collection is striking for its brilliant compositions and scorching solos. The song titles themselves lay out Coleman’s central philosophy: “Music always brings goodness to us all. Unless one has some other motive for its use.”

This first-time vinyl reissue includes liner notes by Byron Coley.

• First-time vinyl reissue
• Collection of outtakes from Coleman’s Atlantic period
• Originally released in Japan only
• Featuring Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins, Ed Blackwell
• Liner notes by Byron Coley


1. Music Always
2. Brings Goodness
3. To Us
4. All
5. PS Unless One Has (Blues Connotation No. 2)
6. Some Other
7. Motive For Its Use

Artist Ornette Coleman
Title To Whom Keeps A Record
Label Superior Viaduct
Format LP
Release Date 5th February 2016
Cat Number SV086

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