Set up in 1993 by couple Laurence Bell and Jacqui Rice, Domino has come quite some way in its 20-year existence. Initially created as a platform for releasing underground alt-rock from across the Atlantic, the label would firmly establish itself itself as one of the most pivotal UK indies of all time just over a decade later.

Taking into account the impact of grunge in the UK, Domino formed as an outlet for the next “scene” to be imported from across the pond: slacker-rock. Domino’s first release came in September 1993 when it licensed Sebadoh’s track Soul And Fire from Seattle-based Sub Pop. Bell’s passion for American indie music led to a collaboration between Domino and Chicago’s Drag City. This led to many great records from the likes of Will Oldham and Royal Trux gathering an audience in the UK.

Domino would later go on to find some incredible commercial success with its own UK acts. One may be rather quick in jumping to the assumption that this would have came during the height of Britpop era – just as Domino was gathering a strong amount of momentum as a licensing outlet for US indie and at a time when indie in the UK was shifting massive units. Rather ironically, Domino reached its gargantuan peak at a time when British indie was very much on its knees. After seeing great success with Franz Ferdinand’s debut release, the band’s follow-up You Could Have It So Much Better proved even more successful by going straight to #1 in October 2005. 2 weeks later, Arctic Monkeys’ I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor went to #1 in the singles chart.

The strong amount of finance generated in the mid-00′s has allowed room for some interesting imprints to be created within Domino’s roster. The first half of this year has already seen album of the year contenders in Bill Ryder-Jones and The Child Of Lov, whose records have been released on the Double Six imprint. Most recently established imprint, Weird World has brought out some of the finest psych-pop heard in years from Melody’s Echo Chamber and Peaking Lights.

Domino’s re-issues are always worth keeping an eye out for also. Recent years have seen classic cult records from Scottish post-punk groups such as Orange Juice, Josef K and Fire Engines being given well-deserved re-issues. The label has also went back to its roots in licensing re-issues for American acts like Pavement and Elliot Smith.

Domino has provided us with many delights over the years. After 10 years, we are hopeful that we will be celebrating many more anniversaries in the future. Indie music just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Keep an eye out on our website over the next week or two. We will be creating a category bringing together all the Domino releases we currently have in stock.