LCD Soundsystem - Confuse The Marketplace


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Released on 15th February 2019

Well they got the title right on this one didn't they: "Confuse The Marketplace" brings together the three CD bonus tracks from "45:33", but all have also been previously released on vinyl too - yes, you knew you'd seen them somewhere before. The EP kicks off with the brilliant "Freak Out" (on the flip of Harvey's mix of "All My Friends") - a better tribute to Edwin Starr's "Get Up Whirlpool" you will not find. Here's the difference though, where as the original mix was blended into "Starry Eyes" here you get a little break so the drum solo won't mess up your mix. Over on side-B we have the Onastic Dub of "North American Scum" (previously promo-only) and last up is the absolutely brilliant "Hippie Priest Bum Out" ("North American Scum" B-side cut). Out of press for a decade, but still fresh as it gets.


Freak Out / Starry Eyes
North American Scum (Onanistic Dub)
Hippie Priest Bum Out

Artist LCD Soundsystem
Title Confuse The Marketplace
Label DFA
Format 12"
Release Date 15th February 2019
Cat Number DFA2180LP

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