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Released 31st May 2019
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Fabric presents Kölsch’ is a ten-track journey of exclusive new material inspired by and named after flights from his gig schedule. Drawing from the routine experience of flying from show to show, each track imagines its own sonic world from solitary journeys at 30,000 feet. Rune Kölsch is responsible for developing a leftfield aesthetic now synonymous with the Kompakt label. Employing a tapestry of carefully arranged textures, he levitates his way through 60 minutes of blissful hypnotism. His productions offer a glimpse into a dreamy, visceral world full of transcendent moments. Building on a constant but gentle line of tension, his track selections tread the line between melancholic and uplifting. Microscopic percussive details roll through sprawling backdrops whilst animated glitches form subtle melodic leads.


1. US1873
2. LH479
3. SK1550
4. EZY865
5. VA5641
6. AC160
7. KM477
8. VY3517
9. UA444
10. EI3227

Artist Kölsch
Title fabric Presents: Kölsch
Label Fabric
Format Double LP
Release Date 31st May 2019
Cat Number FABRIC202LP