King Champion Sounds - Songs For The Golden Hour [VINYL]


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Includes CD. Limited to 500 copies.

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What if Can played Ghanaian highlife? What if Morroicone had scored spaghetti westerns in a Moroccan souk?What if The Fall had garnished their rockabilly grooves with swing-era horns? King Champion Sounds recombine canonical influences in new contexts. (SUNDAY TIMES / Stewart Lee December 2013)

King Champion Sounds deliver a blistering 10” album combining hypnotic krautedelic / dub / minimalist / electronica tunes with a sugarshit sharp wordsmith in his element.

G.W.Sok (former lyricist / singer for The Ex) has never been in better form. The band, led by Ajay Saggar, close ranks hard to deliver the tightest and most exciting palette of music you will hear all year.

This is a strictly limited 10” slab of vinyl which includes a free CD inside with TWO extra bonus tracks. Don’t miss out!!!

They combine the grit and grind of the best of post rock underground with the swinging horns of Africa in an astonishing whole. Great packaging with CD and vinyl combined.

King Champion Sounds are fantastic. They have real presence and authority, they have an astonishing sound (a mix of shuddering, rumbling Fall bass lines, clattering guitar patterns and this soothing, affirming soul revue / Dexys feel from the horns), and they have the songs. They sound massive live. (INCENDIARY October 2013).


1) Ghetto Of Eden
2) SM Revelation
3) Waiting For Measure

4) The Year 500
5) Moottoripyoran Matka

CD Contains 2 Bonus Tracks
6)The Quiet Beach
7) Breadlines & Deadlines

Artist King Champion Sounds
Title Songs For The Golden Hour
Label Louder Than War
Format 10" LP
Release Date 20th October 2014
Cat Number LOUD002LP

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