John Cooper Clarke - John's In The Money (Evidently John Cooper Clarke Volume 1)


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41 tracks of rarities from John Cooper Clarke recorded by Martin Hannett, some are quite short others are much longer. Recorded in the studio, in people's houses and at live gigs the recordings on this CD give a unique insight into John Cooper Clarke as his first wave of popularity was climbing.

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This album gives a great insight into the early spoken word creative skills of John Cooper Clarke in the late 1970s early 1980s. Pieced together from the massive Martin Hannett audio archive of tapes of John Cooper Clarke it is an audio collage of John’s great observations on life. From short one line quips to longer sections of poetry and dialogue often very ad hoc. The 48 minutes on this album shows John Cooper Clarke’s journey through the murky world of punk rock, loyally followed by Hannett with his tape recorder capturing snippets of John in witty conversation at people’s houses, on stage at gigs and in the recording studio. The titles of the tracks on the album are from the chaotic Hannett tape archive and if the track is a section of poetry may not bear any resemblance to what the poetry was actually named- we bring you the recordings as they were named on the tape boxes. If you want to listen to a window on John Cooper Clarke’s journey through the punk scene of Manchester this CD album is for you, after all where else but with Martin Hannett’s recordings could you listen to a window?


1 Trains
2 An Extra
3 Daily Express
4 Nothing
5 Jack Boot
6 Num 23456
7 Dirty Doctors
8 He Doesn’t Try
9 Brand New Tracksuit
10 Clarr Barra Nik Tu
11 Jacks Galore Or Action Man
12 The Colonel’s Dead
13 Pulled On A Rain Coat
14 Another Music
15 The Day The World Stood Still
16 Vacccuum Cleaner
17 Job In Switzerland
18 You Broke Your Mothers Hands
19 Lookin At The Lightshow
20 When The Dum Roll Laugh
21 Thursday
22 Cookies Comb
23 Flower Vases
24 Dichotomy
25 I Do It
26 I Don’t Want To Be Nice
27 Ive Never Married A Monster From Outta Space
28 Toilet Clogged
29 Autograph Book
30 Hoola Hoop
31 They’ll Put It About
32 Family Affair
33 Isle Of Man
34 Thirty Six Hours
35 Another Music
36 Dancing
37 Tommorow The World
38 Bank
39 Heart Disease
40 Beasley St
41 Blood

Artist John Cooper Clarke
Title John's In The Money (Evidently John Cooper Clarke Volume 1)
Label Ozit/Dandelion
Format CD
Release Date 8th April 2013
Cat Number OZIT/DANCD915