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Over the course of a decade, France’s Gojira have grown to represent the next stage of heavy music’s evolution. If you’ve seen them live then nobody can dispute the fact that for all the technical brilliance of their peers such as Mastodon and Lamb of God, there’s something so emotive and soulful about whatever the Duplantier brothers do that makes it seem like Gojira are in a complete league of their own. With their sixth album, “Magma”, they continue to traverse to further lands that are so eloquently dominant over the ocean of modern metal bands out there.

Following the trend of their previous record, l’Enfant Sauvage, to be more accessible, this record is even calmer than anything they’ve released so far. Using more guitar effects (Magma, Stranded, Only Pain), Gojira has shaped a very atmospheric album.


1 The Shooting Star

2 Silvera

3 The Cell

4 Stranded

5 Yellow Stone

6 Magma

7 Pray

8 Only Pain

9 Low Lands

10 Liberation

Artist Gojira
Title Magma
Label Roadrunner Records
Format LP
Release Date 17th June 2017
Cat Number 0016861747916