Farai - Rebirth


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Released 30th November 2018
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A fascinating, edgy glimpse into a world that is sometimes rarely seen – these are diverse stories from life in a diverse city, delivered by London’s Farai who channels the ghosts of post-punk in a style that is also electrifyingly modern, pulling in elements of electro, hip-hop and spoken word in a stark, unblinking fashion.

A collaborative project between Farai Bukowski-Bouquet and musician and producer TONE, ‘Rebirth’ documents a process of recovery. It weaves together South East London landmarks, the bare-bones ethos of post-punk and the experience of being part of the African diaspora, continuing the themes of their 2017 debut EP, ‘Kisswell’. The result is Farai’s alternative vision of pop; distinctive and many-sided at once, poised between punk directness and flourishes of soulful warmth.


  1. Cray Cray
  2. Lizzy
  3. Punk Champagne (ft TONE)
  4. Social Butterflies
  5. Talula
  6. This Is England
  7. National Gangsters
  8. Love Disease
  9. Secret Gardens
  10. Space Is A Place (ft Chris Calderwood)
  11. Radiant Child

Artist Farai
Title Rebirth
Label Big Dada
Format Coloured LP + Download
Release Date 30th november 2018
Cat Number BD292