East India Youth - Total Strive Forever


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Glitter Recession
Total Strife Forever I
Dripping Down
Heaven, How Long
Total Strife Forever II
Looking For Someone
Midnight Koto
Total Strife Forever III
Song For A Granular Piano
Total Strife Forever IV

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East India Youth aka William Doyle delivers his highly anticipated debut long player ‘Total Strife Forever’. It's an ambitious work heralding the arrival of a singular new talent. Doyle is an inventive composer, and not tied to one style of music, bringing a love of minimalist and ambient composition to play alongside traditional song writing. The album ranges from ambient passages and neo-classical episodes and Detroit techno through to effervescent melodic electronic pop songs, with 'On Heaven How Long' combining both elements as the euphoric chorus dissolves into a driving motorik rhythm. Inspirations along the way included the output of Tim Hecker, Brian Eno, Björk’s ‘Homogenic’ and Arvo Pärt.

Artist East India Youth
Title Total Strive Forever
Label Stolen
Format CD
Release Date 13th January 2014
Cat Number SR073

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