Doug Tuttle - Dream Road


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Released on 7th June 2019

Doug Tuttle has been writing and recording records alone in his New England apartment since the collapse of his former band MMOSS in 2012. Drawing influences ranging from private press loner psych to bits and pieces of the last century's top 40, Tuttle creates a sound that is as familiar as it is hauntingly alien. Recorded with largely homemade and or highly customized equipment, Tuttle's fourth and latest solo offering "Dream Road" features a truly new and unique take on the tones and textures of classic American rock and pop music. Here familiar elements like the jangly acoustic guitar are pushed to the limit and return as an unbreachable wall of swirling harmonic rhythm, as drum sounds are isolated to a level of dryness that threaten to nearly encroach your listening environment. Country tinged lead guitars, strings and horns all weave in and out of songs without ever placing the discernible stamp of any particular genre on the infectious melodies found throughout this record. Over the past 7 years Tuttle's live show (which on numerous occasions has taken him and his ever changing live band across the US and Europe) has become notorious for it's high energy improvisations and extended guitar solos.

Artist Doug Tuttle
Title Dream Road
Label Burger Records
Format LP
Release Date 7th June 2019
Cat Number BRGR1345LP