Dope Knife - Things Got Worse


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Released 7th June 2019
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"Super dope, I love the feel he has created" Open Mike Eagle //
"A gritty, lyrical MC with an engaging voice" DJ Abilities //

Dope KNife is a Liberian-American MC/producer and self-described “Rap Junkie.” Born Kedrick Mack, to a Liberian mother and American diplomat father, he spent his childhood hopping the globe before being taken by Hip-Hop and claiming Savannah, GA as home. As one of the founding members of the Dope Sandwich hip-hop collective, he gained a reputation as a formidable freestyle rapper, as well as honed his unique style of “Progressive Boom Bap.”

His style was cultivated in Savannah's freestyle-heavy scene of the early 2000's, where he distinguished himself with a darker and more abrasive approach. He has officially dropped several well-received solo projects including 2017’s Strange Famous Records release NineteenEightyFour, and the EP Weekend At Brodie’s on Fake Four Inc. As he prepares a new body of work, his mantra has remained the same: “Dope raps, dope beats, dope songs, it ain’t rocket science.”

After nearly two years of touring the country with the likes of Sage Francis, DJ Abilities, and Ceschi Ramos, he started to put the pieces in place for what would become Things Got Worse. A self-contained project (Dope Knife produced all of the songs as well as designed the artwork), KNife calls the album a “collection of visceral songs, crafted to serve as Rorschach that we can project or reflect meaning onto. From claustrophobic Black paranoia, to Grindhouse Hip-Hop references, Things Got Worse is whatever your mind hears it to be.”

A1. The Jason Theory
A2. Got It Like Me
A3. Biggest Loser (feat. TKO)
A4. Son Goes Down (feat. Geexella)
A5. Oh God! A6. Make Perfect, Remix (feat. Linqua Franqa)

B1. Famous
B2. Split Second (feat. Boog Brown)
B3. Basic Instinct (feat. Bero Bero)
B4. A Let Down (feat. Abiyah)
B5. Things Got Worse (feat. Britt Scott)
B6. So UpSet 

Artist Dope Knife
Title Things Got Worse
Label Brick Records
Format LP
Release Date 7th June 2019
Cat Number BRK177LP