Burial - Truant / Rough Sleeper


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The new Burial record arrives in a typically mysterious way. With very little pre-release reviews or hype we'll let the music speak for itself. And speak it does! The release is comprised of two pieces of music, with a combined duration of 25 minutes 32 seconds. "Truant" on side A strikes you instantly with its slower, more sludgy grooves than the usual mid - fast skip of recent releases. The arrangement is complicated, almost soundtrack like, but also capable of twisting people's head inside out in the club, and causing a general sense of disorientation and bewilderment. The smudged, pitched 'n' skewed vocals soon penetrate through the mix, an emotive, female delivery which conjures up the ghostly whispers found on his first two long players. The side finishes in an epic crescendo with big orchestral chords and a euphoric chorus. Flip and "Rough Sleeper" continues the theme whilst moving it into more familiar coke-can drums and all-encompassing bass sweeps. Again, a melancholic vocal compliments the dreamy, mournful yet blissful instrumentation. It’s nice to know Burial's still capable of jerking a tear. Dynamically the track is just as advanced as the first, moving through sections of pin-drop silence to full-frequency aural massages. Strongest record from this guy for a long while. Don't miss out!

Artist Burial
Title Truant / Rough Sleeper
Label Hyperdub
Format CD
Release Date 17th December 2012
Cat Number HDB069CD