Bruce Springsteen - Working On a Dream


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2007's Magic saw Bruce Springsteen enjoy a monumental return to form. His frustrated takes on American social and political life created an album bristling with indignation, introspection, and an indubitable spirit. Working On A Dream, his 16th studio album, continues this creative streak. Produced once again by Brendan O'Brien, it could almost be seen as a companion album: one that's less political and decidedly more optimistic.

Magic was dedicated to right hand man Terry MacGovern and here The Last Carnival is a thinly veiled tribute to the passing of keyboard player Danny Federici. But it's far from bleak; Tomorrow Never Knows sings of time's passage with a jaunty Pete Seeger-in-Nashville swagger. 


  1. Outlaw Pete
  2. My Lucky Day
  3. Working On A Dream
  4. Queen Of The Supermarket
  5. What Love Can Do
  6. This Life
  7. Good Eye
  8. Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. Life Itself
  10. Kingdom Of Days
  11. Surprise, Surprise
  12. The Last Carnival
  13. The Wrestler (Bonus Track)


Artist Bruce Springsteen
Title Working On a Dream
Label SonyBMG
Format Audio CD
Release Date 26-Jan-09