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The guitar virtuoso returns with his most focused and compelling statement to date, blending groove-laden funky blues into a style that is completely unique. Written and sung entirely in his native language of Tamasheq, the album covers themes of hope, celebrating and protecting his beloved home-land during a time of great pain and turmoil. Over the course of the ten tracks the album showcases his true range of his incredible guitar skills and sonic palette. The rhythms and percussion are used as trance like mantras, while over the top he uses blemishes of western bluesy rock guitar licks.


  1. Imajghane
  2. Deran Deran Alkheir
  3. Tehigren
  4. Mikiwan
  5. Tenesse
  6. Ouhlin
  7. Adounia Idagh
  8. Tamasheq
  9. Takamba
  10. Adouagh Chegren

Artist Bombino
Title Deran
Label Partisan Records
Format LP
Release Date 18th May 2018
Cat Number PTKF2154-1