Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed The Fish?

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No one else makes aching lo-fi folk sound quite so transcendental, or lyrically renders the ordinary so extraordinary as Badly Drawn Boy. Live, moreover, no one else combines sweet, tender songs with the wit and quirky banter of a stand-up comedian. 

“The whole album is a reflection of real life versus the incongruous stupidity of the life I now lead as a minor celebrity,” he says. “So the statement that meant the most to me was ‘Have You Fed The Fish?’ The fish angle is symbolic of the fact that it’s the tiniest things that need the most looking after, as opposed to the jet set lifestyle that’s occurred because of my songs. I rub shoulders with people that I’ve long admired. And that’s the thing I’m trying to understand a bit more about and whether it means anything to me.”


1. Coming in to Land

2. Have You Fed the Fish?

3. Born Again

4. 40 Days, 40 Fights

5. All Possibilities

6. I Was Wrong

7. You Were Right

8. Centrepeace

9. How?

10. The Further I Slide

11. Imaginary Lines

12. Using Our Fee

13. Tickets to What You Need

14. What Is It Now?

15. Bedside Story

Artist Badly Drawn Boy
Title Have You Fed The Fish?
Label XL Recordings
Format CD
Release Date November 5, 2002