Arthur's Landing - Miracle 2 (Remixes) [VINYL] [LTD]


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Foil stamped and numbered limited edition of 500.

180 gram battleship grey vinyl.

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Buddhist Army is a new label based in Brooklyn New York, founded by Steven Hall and DJ David Marine. Steven Hall is the leader of the band Arthur's Landing which performs and records the songs of Arthur Russell. Arthur's Landing was the first band signed to Buddhist Army. 'Miracle 2' is the second incarnation of the classic dance floor anthem 'In The Light Of A Miracle', co-written by Arthur Russell and Elodie Lauten. 'Mirace 2' is a completely new arrangement written and performed by Elodie herself and was released on Arthur's Landing debut album on Strut UK. For Buddhist's Army's first vinyl release 'Miracle 2' has been reworked by four of the hottest remixers on the scene.

"I love the fact that the tune wasn't about the usual subjects of a pop tune. Both Arthur and I were into Buddhism and the idea of enlightenment is expressed in the lyrics in a down-to-earth, simple koan: "In the pouring rain, in the thunder, living in the weight of a miracle." We developed this improvisation about replacing the "living" by other actions ending in "-ing" - calling, running, loving, holding, driving, walking, kissing, etc" - Elodie Lauten (Arthur's Landing)


1. Algy Strutt's Seen The Light Mix (UK)

2. The Reflex Division (UK)

3. Andrew Clarke Remix (UK)

4. DJ Yoghurt + Koyas Remix (Japan)

Artist Arthur's Landing
Title Miracle 2 (Remixes)
Label Buddhist Army
Format LP + MP3 album
Cat Number BA1001

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