Arthur Russell - The Sleeping Bag Sessions [VINYL]


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Whether it’s hip hop, it’s face pointed reverentially to the old school, or house stealing disco riffs by the truck load, people are increasingly intrigued by back-in-the-day. And common to both the aforementioned scenes and much more is one person, Arthur Russell, a man some regard as the best songwriter of the 20th century. In 1981 Arthur set up Sleeping Bag Records with Will Socolov, the first release being the Dinosaur L album ‘24-24 Music’ as Dinosaur L. Arthur continued to be involved in production and mixing duties for the label, but parted company with Socolov in 1985, leaving behind a great legacy many songs now regarded as classics. ‘The Sleeping Bag Sessions’ contains 10 of them…


Bonzo Goes To Washington — ‘5 Minutes’ (B-B-B Bombing Mix), Felix — ‘Tiger Stripes’ (Extended Version), Felix — ‘You Cant Hold Me Down’ (Extended Version), Clandestine ft Ned Sublette - ‘Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L S-M-A-R-T)’ (Extra Cheese Mix), Sounds Of JHS 126 Brooklyn — ‘Chill Pill’ (Underwater Mix), Indian Ocean — ‘School Bell/Tree House’ (Original 12” Version), Indian Ocean — ‘Treehouse’ (Extended Bootleg Edit), Dinosaur L — ‘Go Bang!’ (Walter Gibbons Mix), Bonzo Goes To Washington — ‘5 Minutes’ (R-R-R Radio Mix), Clandestine ft Ned Sublette — ‘Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L S-M-A-R-T)’ (Dub Mix) (Killer Whale).

Artist Arthur Russell
Title The Sleeping Bag Sessions
Label Sleeping Bag / Get On Down
Format Double LP
Cat Number TEG3319LP