Animal Magic Tricks / King Creosote / Meursault - Cold Seeds [VINYL]


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From Song, By Toad Records:

This album was recorded over a couple of weekends at our house last year. Frances from Animal Magic Tricks recorded three songs with Neil and Pete from Meursault, and then Kenny came around for the second weekend to add his songs to the mix.  This album really wasn’t planned, it’s just that by the time Frances had added her touches to the three Meursault songs on the second Sunday, everything just seemed to belong together.

It’s all messy as hell, there are clicks and noises and all sorts going on, there’s even a cameo performance from our idiotic cat Floyd in the first song, and yet the resulting album is one of the strangest, most beautiful records I’ve heard in a very long time.



1. Leave Me To Lie Alone In The Ground
2. King
3. Bubble
4. Sleet
5. Crank Resolutions


6. By 11 O’Clock She’d Left
7. The Perfume Of Mexican Birds
8. Soil
9. Please Don’t Send Me Home

Artist Animal Magic Tricks / King Creosote / Meursault
Title Cold Seeds
Label Song, By Toad
Format Vinyl
Cat Number SBTR-A-008