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Released 3rd May 2019
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Melding together their disparate influences in off-kilter pop and jazz gives ALASKALASKA’s highly-anticipated debut record the push-pull feeling of a group existing without any boundaries.
Not fitting neatly into either the post-punk explosion, which defined their South London home a few years back, or the more recent emergence of a future-facing jazz underground, ALASKALASKA dodged the area’s typicalities.
The lyrical potency of the former and the languid, freeform attitude of the latter can be felt across The Dots, but ALASKALASKA paint those influences in their own broad brushstrokes in the same way as Bjork, Kate Bush, Arca or Fever Ray before them.

Tracks: The Dots / Bees / Moon / Arrows / Tough Love / Sweat / Meateater / Monster / Happyface / Heaven / -/- / Skin

Title The Dots
Label Marathon
Format LP
Release Date 3rd May 2019
Cat Number MA0182LP