Robert Wyatt - '68

Robert Wyatt - '68

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"After a half a dozen listens I am convinced this is of the very best archival releases EVER.
The creativity was pouring out of RW at that time and the freedom he had doing these demos reveal a sense of freshness that is really exciting – also there is a feeling of warm intimacy like we get to be the fly on RW's studio wall in 1968 - the interview is amazing too. Do not miss this."
–Udi Koomram, engineer.

"Some have called this - the complete set of Robert Wyatt's solo recordings made in the US in late 1968 - the ultimate Holy Grail. Half of the material here is not only previously unreleased - it had never been heard, even by the most dedicated collectors of Wyatt rarities."
–Aymeric Leroy, author and historian of the 'Canterbury Scene'.

"A stunning archival release that sheds new light on early Soft Machine. A must-have for Softs fans"
–Sid Smith, journalist


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