Frankie Knuckles Presents - Ultimate Production


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Released February 19th 2018

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At this point it’s old hat to talk about how good the late Frankie Knuckles was. His shadow still looms large over the contemporary dancefloor, and the work he did on TRAX in the 80s needs no introduction. The label now sees fit to drop some remastered nuggets of Knuckles-flavoured goodness. The release includes classics like ‘Your Love’ and Jamie Principle collab ‘Baby Wants To Ride’. It also features two of Knuckles favourite TRAX numbers, Dancer’s ‘Boom Boom’ and Kevin Irving’s ‘Children Of The Night’.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Baby Wants to Ride
  2. Bad Boy (Original 12" Version)
  3. Boom Boom - Dancer


Disc: 2

  1. Waiting On My Angel (Club Mix)
  2. Your Love (Original 12" Mix)
  3. Children of the Night - Kevin Irving

  4. It's a Cold World

Artist Frankie Knuckles
Title Frankie Knuckles Presents - Ultimate Production
Label Trax
Format Double LP
Release Date February 19th 2018
Cat Number TX2018001