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Exit Safe Mode, a project by the visionary Margus Löve, establishing himself in Estonian technoid music, has converged its sonic baggage into the newly released debut album Immerse. The spheres created and recorded during 2008 – 2017 are travelling in ambient landscapes, while deserving to be called genuine contemporary music for its clarity of thought and musical focus. These eight themes are reminiscent of the dubstep-ish flows of Löve’s earlier projects L-OW and 1DERL& that are giving way to more idiosyncratic lines. The depth of sound manipulations allows one to discover tones of life in the synthetic analog worlds and provides a body-forsaking sideview to the interpretations of stringed instruments. The created sonorous state of Immerse serves as an introduction to more rhythmic future affairs of Exit SafeMode.


  1.  White (4:31)
  2.  Intermediate (2:42)
  3.  Curvature (4:13)
  4.  Aberration (2:56)
  5.  Encrypting The Past (1:44)
  6.  Moving Shadows (4:18)
  7.  K Story (4:10)
  8.  Raindrops (4:06)

Artist Exit Safe Mode
Title Immerse
Label Exit Safe Mode
Format LP
Release Date 2nd April 2018

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