Chain & The Gang - Experimental Music [VINYL]


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Chain & the Gang - known as the dynamic and irresistible live combo that pens provocative, unforgettable odes to obedi- ence and total destruction (e.g. “Devitalize”, “Certain Kinds of Trash”, “Detroit Music” ) got sick of the simple fare so prevalent at the rock festivals these days. After nodding off to the washed-out zzzounds of the latest five-star folly critic’s catastrophe, “Chain & the Gang” decided to respond with their patented perversity ; they reached to the farther corner of the lab and came up with an immortal classic in the hard-tohear genre of “EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC” (!!!!?!!!!) In fact, this record is so confounding, so new and uncharted, they decided to call it “EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC.”

Not only is it a pounding super-classic, but it's the final word in the experimental music genre, answering the questions initially proposed by John Cage, Yoko Ono, LaMonte Young etc., shutting down the need for further experiments forever. The Lab is Closed! Besides CHAIN & the GANG’s “Chain” — aka Ian Svenonius –– the “EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC” LP features an all-star cast of avant-garde geniuses such as DANNY KROHA (the Gories, Demolition Dollrods, Danny and the Darleans), FRED THOMAS (Saturday Looks Good to Me, Lovesick, Tyvek, His Name is Alive), SHELLEY SALANT (Shells, Tyvek, SLGTM, Swimsuit), AMBER FELLOWS (Swimsuit), MADELINE MCCORMICK (Chain & the Gang) and BEN COLLINS (Mini- Horse) and was recorded live to four-tracks at WORLD CLASS TAPES in ANN ARBOR, Michigan


1) Experimental Music
2) The Logic Of Night
3) If I Was An Animal
4) Rome
5) Don’t Make Me Dream
6) Come Over
7) Three Made A Fool Out Of Me
8) Temporary Insanity
9) Don’t Scare The Ghost
10) I Hate Winners

Artist Chain & The Gang
Title Experimental Music
Label Radical Elite Records
Format LP
Release Date 13th October 2017
Cat Number RE004

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