Biffy Clyro - MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse London)


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Deluxe Double Gatefold Heavyweight LP & CD/DVD plus Limited Edition Art Print & Booklet

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When you think of Biffy Clyro live you’re most likely to think of a night out which leaves you sweaty, with ringing ears and a raw throat, and possibly some sort of discombobulation at a cellular level. The Scotsmen are known for their high-energy gigs, with raucous sing alongs and lack of upper body clothing (them, mostly), so the idea of an acoustic album is a distinct departure from the norm.

Enter MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse, London) – the latest in a long series of stripped back gigs by some of the world’s biggest and best bands. Recorded last November in London’s famous Roundhouse, the new album from Biffy Clyro is an opportunity to experience the band in a more low-key environment.

They follow in the footsteps of influential rock bands who had previously performed as part of the series, notably Nirvana, Pearl Jam and R.E.M. The show is rich with favourites from the Biffy catalogue and they manage to flourish with acoustic performances of songs that were more aggressive and dramatic in their original form, such as ‘The Captain’, ‘Black Chandelier’ and ‘Bubbles’. A stunning take on the Beach Boys’ classic ‘God Only Knows’ is an undoubted highlight, while a brand new original song is also included in the shape of ‘Different Kind of Love’.

The mix on this album is phenomenal.  It’s as close to having Biffy Clyro in your lounge room as you can get. The stripped back performance brings with it an enhanced level of clarity and really enables you to appreciate the incredible musicality of the band. Simon Neil is easily one of the best lyricists in the business and there’s a real joy being able to savour his writing through this set. Special mention also to the delicious harmonies of brothers James Johnston and Ben Johnston; the way their voices blend, and then join so beautifully with Neil’s is brought to the fore in this record.

Artist Biffy Clyro
Title MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse London)
Label Warner
Format Double LP, CD & DVD
Release Date 25th May 2018
Cat Number 0190295660055